A New Project with…

Truly original story...

Unique voice...

High concepts...

Cathartic Climax

- instinctive & intuitive

'1923: Believe...'

Obsessed by ‘first love’s zeal to believe in each other,

two love-struck teenagers forge together a super-human feat in flames of fervour,

to save themselves and birth a new era for their world…

as the powers that be, meet the powers within….

From the protective and controlling world of her family’s tiny viilage bakery shop, a small but strong-willed teenager risks everything in an impulsive moment, and flees on a dangerous mission through the mountain forests of her ancestors, awakening self-discovery deep within her of an intuitive self-belief, to rescue the man she loves from certain death, in the final battle to save their civilization....

1923: Believe...
1923: Believe...

A giant woodcutter’s orphaned childhood makes him vulnerable prey for the corrupt village headman, exploiting the woodcutter's great strength for cheap labour. In his simple mind the only solution the woodcutter can find, is to seek refuge high up in his mountain homeland; but instead, the headman banishes him on a mission of certain death to the battlefront. The only two people that love him, come to his rescue, and trusting in their ardent pleas despite his doubts and fears, he agrees skeptically to follow their plan to save himself. Ignited with the impassioned zeal of the bakery maid’s power of self-belief, he rises, inflamed with fervour, to meet the superhuman challenge to defeat an all powerful enemy, to redeem his place in the world….

The elderly postman's kind and fatherly concern for the simple folk he greets every morning in his village, is commandeered into action as two rebellious teenagers are doomed to a fatal destiny, and mustering all the guile and ingenuity of his life-long wisdom, he creates the keys to unlock the labyrinth of challenges they struggle to overcome, as he guide's them on a quest to save their world ....

'1923: Believe…'

  • Surprising revelations of hidden history

  • Endearing heart-felt portrayal of naieve love

  • Impossible challenge and superhuman feat

  • From doom's gloom & hopelessness to victory's jubilation

  • Catharsis of grief, determination, and self-belief

  • Timeless tribute to human endurance, hope, and self-empowerment

A story about a flawed and outcast hero, sacrificed on an impossible mission to save the world, transformed by naieve love’s powerful zeal, with a super-human feat… rising victorious at the dawn of a new age.

Resonating deeply with instinctive intuitive appeal....

High concepts...

Conveyed with traditional Turkish charm…

Connecting with global audiences' personal aspirations ...

'Once we begin believing in ourselves,

there is no end to what we can achieve…’

Esra Ergenc

Introduction to Creation, Project & Production

Teenage rebels' self discovery, coming of age with first love’s zeal, obsession, and indomitable determination... An outcast and simple-minded giant woodcutter’s sacrifice on an impossible mission, triggers his innocent adolescent admirer’s surrender to the call of her latent intuition’s protective instincts. Her burning light of love summons the courage to save him, thrusting the pair into a struggle through war-torn history. Empowered by the discovery deep within her, of an intuitive emotional intelligence, sparks her survival instincts of self-belief. Helping him to find himself, she ignites within the giant woodcutter the fervor to meet his challenge, and together they transform themselves and the world at war around them, with the power to believe.

All of us aspire to better our lives and pursue our dreams, and so we can all relate and identify with this story and characters, to lift us up above our fears and self-doubt… because we all know once we begin believing in ourselves, there is no end to what we can achieve…

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Based on a true story, in a feudal community of mountain village folk, two teenagers rebel against social taboos, obsessed by ‘first love’s’ zeal to believe in each other, catapulted by despair at  war’s darkest hour into flames of fervor, they forge together a super-human feat to save themselves and birth a new era for their world… as the powers that be, meet the powers within.

The most frequently asked questions are answered in an interview with the author, in several ‘bite-sized' short video viewing segments of 2-4 minutes each, please reply to request link by email at ... RYANOL.1@yandex.com  

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1923: Believe
1923: Believe
1923: Believe... Author RYAN OL
1923: Believe... Author RYAN OL

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1. Introduction to the Project

2. About the Author

3. Author’s Qualifications

4. Author’s First Associations with Turkiye

5. Origins and Relevance of the Story

6. Project Development & Production

7. Tribute & Purpose

8. Themes

9. Characters & Plot

10. Based on a True Story: Historical Facts

11. Success & Celebration

12. Sharing Worldwide

13. Comparisons & Legacy

14. Final Thoughts